We all want to use our online services without user password burden and malicious cyber attacks.

AutoPassword is the first mutual authentication techonology in history but it was designed for an one online service like an enterprise solution.

After releasing AutoPassword enterprise products successfully, we have started to make a bold dream to elimiate all user passwords on the internet. Like a search engine find an information on the internet free of charge, we want that AutoPassword cloud provide AutoPassword code on all online services free of charge. If you run an online shopping mall, social media service, you can help your users to be free from the user password burden and malicious cyber attacks.

If your online services are linked with AutoPassword Cloud, what your user does is just verifing AutoPassword code with their smart phone whether it is identical or not. AutoPassword Cloud make your online services easyer and safer.

With AutoPassword Cloud

There is no chance for hackers to steal our customer’s credentials.

There is no possibility for our customers to fall victim to a fake online service.

There is no need to memorize and type a user password or pass code.

There is no need to learn various user authentication methods following online services.

There is no fee to the online service provider.


  1. AutoPassword Cloud is open to any online service publicly, except closed online serivces like corporate email, groupware etc. If you want to use it in your corporation, please click here.
  2. AutoPassword Cloud is not for the end user. We only communicate with online service providers or IoT manufacturers which would like to provide mutual 2FA or MFA to their users. If you would like to use AutoPassword Cloud on your online service or IoT device, please ask your online service provider or IoT manufacturer.
  3. AutoPassword Cloud is currently optimized to use in the US and UK. If you would like to use AutoPassword Cloud in any another country, please contact us today and we’ll do our very best to activate the service in your region.

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